Boats moored at York Marine

Our site at Bishopthorpe is ideally located just 3 miles downstream from York city centre and adjacent to Bishopthorpe Palace, the home of the Archbishop of York. There are a few options we offer: annual electric or country moorings and short term electric or country moorings.

When annually contracted with our electric moorings, your boat will be kept safe in our locked compound year round. Customers will have use of the toilet and shower blocks, the convenience of several services we offer, plus the shops and pubs of Bishopthorpe located in easy walking distance. The pontoons are lit and accessible 24 hours a day and benefit from water and electricity points.

Conversely, we offer annual country moorings which do not have electricity, water, or use of the shower block, but do represent great value for money for those who don’t find these amenities critical.

Both annual contracts and short term moorings are available, however, whilst the short term moorings are on a first come first served basis, we do currently have a waiting list for the long term berths.

Please contact us should you wish to make a booking in advance or to request further information about our mooring facilities.

Annual Contracts: (minimum 23 feet)

Electric Moorings:       £44 per ft +VAT

Country Moorings:      £30 per ft +VAT

Short term Contracts (both electric and country):

When available, £10/15 ft per night.